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10 Fun Reasons to Have an Office Party in Austin

The booming economy in Austin has attracted a lot of businesses to the area, which means one thing - more office parties! Our phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from companies that want to set up a casino corporate event for their employees and colleagues. Haven’t enjoyed an Austin office party yet? Here are...
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Throwing a Bachelor Party in Austin

Getting married is one of the most momentous occasions in a man’s life, which means it’s time to celebrate with a bachelor party! Of course, you probably already know that the festivities should fit the groom’s interest and he should get final approval of the guest list. But what else should you be considering? If...
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8 Tips for a Stellar New Year’s Party in Austin

In the middle of all the holiday madness, you’re busy planning a New Year’s Eve party. As if things couldn’t get more hectic, you took on a sizable task of organizing vendors, guests and possibly employees when everyone is going in different directions. With so much going on, you can use every bit of help...
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Thanksgiving Thoughts: What Games Did Pilgrims Play?

The Pilgrims aren’t people of the past that we typically associate with games and revelry. They may have been hardworking Puritans, but that doesn’t mean Pilgrims didn’t incorporate games into their celebrations. Pilgrims didn’t play for money (since gambling was frowned down upon), yet during the country’s first Thanksgiving there’s a good chance the Pilgrims...
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