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5 Best San Antonio Venues for a Large Poker Night Event

Planning a big soiree for work, charity event or momentous occasion? Have you considered having a poker night? Then you will need a large venue to host all of your guests! In addition to seating room, you’ll also need enough space to accommodate poker tables, slot machines and other casino games. San Antonio thrill-seekers are fortunate to have several spectacular and sizable venues that...
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Fun Part Time Jobs for Retirees

After decades of working, you’ve finally made it - retirement! You have complete control of your schedule and have free time to do whatever you want. Ironically, many retirees find that what they want is a part-time job. As a retiree, you have the freedom to choose a part-time job that peaks your interest. Have fun during your retirement while making...
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Is Poker a Game of Luck or Skill?

Texas gambling laws, like many other states, is based on the idea that casino games are all based on chance. But there’s one game that many players have argued doesn’t fall into that category. For years, people have debated whether or not poker is a game of chance or skill. Let’s take a closer look at how...
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Top 5 Tells in Poker

When you take a seat at the poker table, the dealer will reveal some of the cards, but the other players could reveal a lot more. Tells are body language and actions a player makes when they have a good or bad hand. If you can identify tells that give away another player’s hand, it...
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