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Casino Craze: The Psychology Behind Our Love of Gambling

In our line of business we see the pure enjoyment people get out of playing casino games on a regular basis. Casino gaming has been a popular party theme since we launched our business 34 years ago, and as far as revenue is concerned, today gambling is America’s favorite pastime. People have been gambling and...
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How Casino Games Have Evolved Over the Years

  People have been gambling and playing card games for centuries. Over the years casino games have gone through a number of changes as technology and trends evolved. While many games are still rooted in tradition, they are now more user-friendly than ever before. Let’s take a trip through history to look at how casino...
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The Art of the Indoor Summer Party

There’s one certainty in Texas during the summer – heat. There may or may not be rain, but high temperatures are a guarantee. After 30 years of hosting casino parties in Central Texas, we can say with certainty that the hot weather makes indoor parties very popular during the summer. Benefits of Throwing a Summer...
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How Corporate Parties Benefit the Company

When you’ve been in the corporate event business as long as Casino Knights, you know company parties are more than just a ton of fun. Don’t believe us? Sure, we may be a little biased, but others have made the same observation. Studies from a variety of organizations, companies and educational institutions agree that having...
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