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Creative Ways to Customize a Party

After nearly three and a half decades of throwing casino parties in Central Texas one thing has become clear - parties are all about the experience. When you customize the experience and create something your guests have never seen before they will remember the event for years. That’s why we don’t offer a standard lineup...
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Office Party Etiquette: 7 Things to Avoid

After decades of helping businesses celebrate major milestones, product launches and holidays we’ve learned a lot about corporate casino parties. We’ve also seen employees make a number of serious missteps once they let their hair down. It’s easy to forget you’re at a company event when you’re having so much fun. Failing to follow office...
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What Casino Games Have The Best Odds?

The house may have the edge, but that doesn’t mean all casino games have the same odds. Each game has different rules, different players and different payouts. That is, unless you hire Casino Knights Inc. to throw a casino party. Then everyone is a winner since you don’t have to gamble to play our games!...
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5-Minute Guide to Casino Games

Do you want to feel the thrill of rolling the dice? Looking for that rush of hitting it big on the roulette table? It all starts with knowing how to play the game. At Casino Knights Inc. we staff all of our Central Texas casino parties with experienced dealers who can show guests the ropes. However,...
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