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5-Minute Guide to Casino Games

Do you want to feel the thrill of rolling the dice? Looking for that rush of hitting it big on the roulette table? It all starts with knowing how to play the game. At Casino Knights Inc. we staff all of our Central Texas casino parties with experienced dealers who can show guests the ropes. However,...
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Step-by-Step DIY Party Decor Tips

Casino-themed parties are a lot of fun, largely because of all the games guests can play. But there’s another reason people get immersed in the fun – the festive décor! There is so much you can do to dress up a venue with Vegas or casino décor. When we throw a casino party our clients...
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Plan a Truly Fun Fundraiser for Diabetes Awareness Month!

One of the things we like most about throwing casino parties is getting to help a great cause at the same time. It’s a unique benefit of our work – fun plus philanthropy! Our philanthropic clients throw fundraisers throughout the year!  A popular time to schedule a fundraising event is during an awareness month. Awareness months are...
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Where Did Your Favorite Casino Game Come From?

When the holiday season draws near, it drums up a lot of nostalgia. For all of us at Casino Knights Inc. it brings up memories of the holiday casino parties we’ve hosted in the last three and a half decades. That got us thinking about the history of three extremely popular casino games. There are...
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