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Is There Any Strategy to Chance Games?

A game of chance is one that is largely influenced by randomizing and factors that are out of the player’s control. Despite the fact that chance plays a major role, many people still test their luck by playing casino games. Some mathematical experts believe there are ways to even the odds or even tip them...
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How To Throw a Unique Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

In our 35+ years of throwing casino parties, we have hosted our fair share of bachelor and bachelorettes. These celebrations are unique, special occasions where friends seek to kick-back, relax and have fun. It's a joyous, momentous time for the bride and groom-to-be, and we love making the outing a night to remember. If you’ve been tasked with putting together an epic...
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40th Birthday Party Ideas for Your Husband or Boyfriend

A 40th birthday is a big occasion for most people. It’s a significant milestone in life that should be marked with a celebration. If you’re in charge of planning a 40th birthday party for your husband or boyfriend you’ve got quite a task on your hands. Guys never seem to want to make a fuss...
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Gala Planning Checklist: Throwing a Fundraiser in Austin

We’re proud to say that our hometown of Austin is a very philanthropic city. In fact just a few months ago Austin was named one of GoFundMe’s most generous cities. Texas as a whole ranked as the second most generous state in the country. In other words, Austin is a great place to throw a...
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