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Themed Appetizers for a Poker Night

There’s one thing every good poker night has in common - besides the poker. Good food! In fact, food is one of the most important elements of any successful party. Even the guests who weren’t so lucky at the poker table will think the night wasn’t a total bust if they leave with their appetite...
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How To Throw an Office Party for an Employee Birthday

When an employee has a birthday it’s an occasion worth celebrating! Personal recognition is also an effective way to boost production and employee engagement, which is great for the entire company. But what type of office party should you throw and what should you get for the celebration? With so many people in the office it’s easy to get...
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Best Venues for Office Parties in Austin

You could host your next Austin office party at the actual office, but sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what your team needs to relax and recharge. In this city, the venue options range from upscale to quirky and laid-back. Here’s a look at a few of our favorite office party venues in Austin. Best Totally Austin...
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Easiest Snacks & Catering for Office Parties

All experienced party planners will tell you the importance of food cannot be overstated. If the food is amazing, everything else can be so-so and party-goers will still consider the event a success. And office parties are no exception. If you’re planning an office party, here are some snacks and catering ideas that will keep...
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