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Jackpot! Highest Casino Jackpots in History

You may have seen the recent news story about a woman in Queens, New York who almost won the largest slot machine jackpot in history. Unfortunately, the nearly $43 million win was a machine malfunction that went well above the $6,500 max payout.

A new record may not have been set, but there have been a number of huge casino jackpots throughout history. If you’re gearing up for a trip to Vegas or a casino party, check out these inspiring jackpot wins.

Biggest Slot Machine Jackpots

Elmer Sherwin is undoubtedly a lucky guy. He hit not one but two of the largest slot machine jackpots in history! The first win of $4.6 million was on a Megabucks slot machine at the Mirage in 1989. Sherwin decided to visit Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas in 2005 to test his luck. There he won again on a Megabucks slot machine, but this time he walked away with $21.1 million.

Mr. Sherwin was in his 90s when he hit his second jackpot. A few years early a 25-year-old software engineer won the highest slot machine payout in history. In 2003 the young man won $39.7 million playing a Megabucks machine at Excalibur.

In 2000 Cynthia Jay raked in the largest jackpot at the time. She won nearly $35 million at a Megabucks slot machine in the Monte Carlo Casino in Vegas. But less than two months later Jay was in a horrible car wreck that killed her sister and left Jay paralyzed from the chest down.

Last August a resident of Hawaii came to the main land for a Vegas vacation and traveled back home with a lot more money. The woman was playing penny slot machines at the Wynn casino when she won $10,777,270.51.

Biggest Hands at the Poker Table

Hands down, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) is where you’ll find the biggest jackpots. Once the field gets narrowed down to just two players, a single hand can bring in millions. After eight hours of heads up poker playing, Qui Nguyen was named the 2016 WSOP winner and received $8,005,310. His opponent Gordon Vayo didn’t do so bad himself. Even though he lost, Vayo received nearly $4.7 million for second place.

But that wasn’t the biggest payout in the history of the tournament. The most a WSOP winner ever received was $10 million in 2014.

Highest Payouts at the Craps Table

Patricia Demauro is easily one of the most successful craps players in history. In 2009 she famously won 154 consecutive throws while playing at the Borgata in Atlantic City. The actual amount was never disclosed, but based on the minimum buy-in of $10 the pay out would likely range from well over six figures up to $1 million or more.

Not long ago a player won $5.3 million at the Tropicana Casino and Resort mainly at the craps table. The man had a 6-hour hot streak, but he had to bet big to win the millions. At one point he was placing $100,000 bets.

Huge Win at the Roulette Wheel

In 2004 Ashley Revell made a huge gamble. He sold everything he owned, headed to Vegas and put his entire life savings on a spin of the roulette wheel. Crazy – yes. But it paid off. Revell put just over $135,000 on a red bet and won over $270,000. The whole thing was filmed and eventually became a short reality show called Double or Nothing.

Biggest Black Jack Winners

The most infamously successful black jack players were a group of MIT students who used card counting to win millions. However, this situation was unique because the students worked as a team so their winning streaks wouldn’t get noticed by dealers.

But there’s one man that bested the MIT players. Gambler Don Johnson made millions at black jack tables over a six-month period in 2011. Instead of card counting, Johnson sought out casinos that had the most favorable rules, like being able to split a hand up to four times. Another thing Johnson looked for were casinos that offered a guaranteed payout, which refunds part of what’s lost on a hand. All that research paid off to the tune of $15 million in half a year of playing.

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