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Is There Any Strategy to Chance Games?

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A game of chance is one that is largely influenced by randomizing and factors that are out of the player’s control. Despite the fact that chance plays a major role, many people still test their luck by playing casino games. Some mathematical experts believe there are ways to even the odds or even tip them in your favor. It all comes down to making the right strategic moves.

Here’s a look at some strategies that people use to beat games of chance.

Strategies for Winning a Hand of Texas Hold’em

It’s the most popular form of poker in America today. Of course, here in Austin, Texas Hold’em is an everyday occurrence.

Many players will argue that Texas Hold’em involves a lot of skill. Reading tells alone is a skill that can give a player the edge over everyone else at the table no matter what cards are dealt. Data crunchers are giving poker players another advantage. After enumerating all 1.3 trillion possible hands plus millions of online poker games, software engineer Chris Beaumont was able to produce charts that show the strength of various poker hands.

Players can use the charts as a visual guide to understanding the strength or weakness of a hand. You can also see which hands are played the most and which ones get folded the most.

Strategies for Beating a Blackjack Dealer

Blackjack is probably the best example of a game of chance that has strategy. Many people have heard about the infamous card counting strategy that is sometimes used at the blackjack table. It can give players such a large advantage, casinos have banned the practice and will remove anyone who’s caught doing it.

At the end of the day, you have many opportunities to influence the game with the decisions that you make. Study up so you know which hands are the weakest and the strongest when you’re playing blackjack. You can also use a trick that professional dealers live by: always stay when your hand is 17 or higher.

Strategies for Betting on Sports

Fans, sports enthusiasts and die-hard gamblers enjoy putting wagers on whether a team will win or lose. Ultimately, the outcome is up to the team, but there are opportunities for a person to improve their chances of winning. You can mitigate the randomness of sports bets by doing your homework. Check out the team’s current stats as well as their historical performance against a specific team or in a certain stadium.

The type of sport you bet on can also play a role. Statisticians have found that baseball has better betting odds than football and basketball. Horseracing is the riskiest sport of all since there more potential winners.

Working the Casino Floor in Your Favor

Sometimes it all comes down to strategically picking the games you play. Statistically speaking, some casino games of chance have better odds than others. By sticking to the games with the best odds you’ll automatically increase your chance of winning.

If you’re looking for casino games with the best odds and have money to spend, $100 slot machines are your best bet. Seth Kadish, the data scientist behind Vizual Statistix, crunched the numbers and discovered $100 slot machines have the lowest casino take (just 3.6% of the money gambled). Don’t have Benjamins to blow? Penny slot machines have a casino take of 11.8%, which is low compared to most other games. At just 11.1% take, black jack is also a better bet if you want the best odds.

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