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8 Tips for a Stellar New Year’s Party in Austin

In the middle of all the holiday madness, you’re busy planning a New Year’s Eve party. As if things couldn’t get more hectic, you took on a sizable task of organizing vendors, guests and possibly employees when everyone is going in different directions.

With so much going on, you can use every bit of help you can get. If you’re gearing up for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve bash in Austin keep these eight tips in mind.

1. Plan for Any Type of Temperature

New Year’s Eve is typically cold in Austin, but anything is possible. The high is usually around 62 degrees, but it can range anywhere from 78 to 46 degrees.

You may need shelter from the cold (or at least strategically placed heaters), but rain coverage probably won’t be a problem. The chance of rain decreases throughout December, and January 1st is the day when it’s least likely to precipitate in Austin.

2. Remember, NYE is a No Refusal Weekend

During a “no refusal” period the Austin police can fast track a blood withdrawal by warrant when a motorist refuses to do a blood or breath test for alcohol. Encourage guests to use public transportation, taxis or Uber/Lyft.

3. Arrange Transportation If You’re Partying Downtown

Anytime we help throw a casino party downtown during New Year’s Eve, we suggest that the host consider arranging transportation for guests. Parking will be non-existent and the no refusal weekend status makes things more dicey.

4. Factor in Fireworks

Every New Year’s Eve party should end with a bang. If you’re throwing a bash downtown or west in the Hill Country make the fireworks show at Auditorium Shores a part of the event. The fireworks usually start around 10pm.

5. Get a Firm RSVP Count Before Christmas

The holidays are a busy time. People tend to overextend themselves, especially in a city like Austin where there are so many NYE events. A few days before Christmas send guests RSVP reminders to get a final headcount.

6. Mention the Preferred Attire

When you send out your reminders it’s a good idea to mention if the event is formal, black tie or business casual. In Austin where dress codes are typically loose it never hurts to make the attire preferences known.

7. Create an Austin-Inspired Champagne Cocktail

Champagne is the traditional libation of choice for the midnight toast, but that can be a bit boring. Creating a special Austin-inspired champagne cocktail is a special touch your guests will appreciate. Use local distillers like Tito’s and unique ingredients. A touch of prickly pear or a splash of smoked pecan flavor will help you ring in the new year right.

8. Capitalize on the Giving Spirit

Austin is one of the most philanthropic cities in the country. Even if you’re not throwing a New Year’s Eve fundraiser you can still team up with a local charity to take advantage of the giving spirit during the holiday season.

Need help planning a last minute New Year’s Eve party? Let our casino party experts put together everything you need for a festive bash that gets everyone excited to see the ball drop. Give us a call to learn about our casino party packages and custom options.

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