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Casino Rental Equipment: Basics For a Real Casino Party

Casino parties are all about setting the right atmosphere. That can’t be achieved with the venue alone unless you’re hosting the party in an actual casino. Since there’s a shortage of casinos in Central Texas, our team creates the casino for you.

Here are a few ways casino rental equipment can transform a conventional venue into a lively Vegas-inspired gambling hall.

Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Poker Tables

The second a guest sits down to play they should be treated to a Vegas experience. Professional blackjack, craps, roulette and poker tables will up the ante from a regular card night at home. They’re expertly designed for a specific game and are exact replicas of what you’d find in a casino on the Strip.

But there’s one question our casino party clients almost always have – how many tables should I rent? It’s a great question that largely depends on the size of the venue and guest list. Some venues will limit the number of tables that can be comfortably fit inside while others offer endless configurations. Our general rule of thumb is:

10 guests – 1 Blackjack or 1 Poker table

50 guests – 2 Blackjack tables, 1 8’ Craps table and 1 Poker table

75 guests – 3 Blackjack tables, 1 10’ Craps table and 1 Poker table

100 guests – 5 Blackjack tables, 1 12’ Craps table, 1 Roulette table and 1 Poker table

150 guests – 8 Blackjack tables, 1 12’ Craps table, 1 Roulette table and 2 Poker tables

250 guests – 12 Blackjack tables, 2 12’ Craps tables, 1 Roulette table and 3 Poker tables

350 guests – 16 Blackjack tables, 3 12’ Craps tables, 2 Roulette tables and 4 Poker tables

500 guests – 24 Blackjack tables, 4 12’ Craps tables, 3 Roulette tables and 5 Poker tables

Slot Machines

The lights and sounds of electrified slot machines are a staple of Las Vegas casinos. For casino beginners the slot machines are also a safety zone. They require no expertise or skill to win, and they’re tons of fun to play.

Slot machine rentals are where Casino Knights Inc. excels. We have a huge selection of slot machines that have been collected over the last 35 years. We can also use our industry connections to find a specific slot machine that we don’t already own.

Stage Rental

Las Vegas is home to some of the greatest stage acts in the world. There are plenty of musicians in the Austin area that can entertain guests with lounge songs from the Rat Pack heyday or up the energy with a Cher rendition. You might even find a magician who can wow the crowd. If the venue doesn’t already have a stage for entertainment you can rent one from Casino Knights in various sizes depending on the act.

Vegas Style Décor

Surround your guests with the sights and sounds of the Las Vegas Strip with vibrant casino décor. Table lights are an element of the neon you’ll find all over Vegas while floor lights can help set the party mood. Table centerpieces, party favors and life-size décor add to the fun and provide plenty of photo ops.  Give Casino Knights a call to add these items to your rental.

Ready to party? Casino Knights Inc. has everything you need to throw an authentic casino party in Central Texas. Call today to learn more about our casino rental equipment, professional dealers and décor.

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