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How To Turn A Corporate Bonding Event Into A Fundraiser

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and maximize time in the office. But what if you could accomplish both plus a whole lot more by throwing a fundraiser?

Fundraisers are great corporate bonding events that bring employees and the community together. We’ve seen it time and time again at our casino night fundraisers. Corporate teams can gain a lot by giving back to their community and rewarding employees with a philanthropic evening of fun.

A Fundraiser Can Boost Employee Satisfaction

If you’ve noticed that your employees are less engaged and enthusiastic, a fundraiser can be a way to get them reenergized about their work. Workplace giving not only improves employee engagement and personal satisfaction, it can also give employees a new way to use their skillset.

Offer to let all employees who want to participate join your fundraising effort. Give ownership of a specific job to each employee or group employees into teams that can handle various aspects of the event. It’s also important to specify times when employees can work on the fundraiser and to set milestones just like any other project.

Studies show top job applicants prefer businesses that are philanthropic. As employees they’re also more likely to become emotionally invested in the business if it gives back. Employees who are invested in the company they work for are happier and more productive compared to those who just see it as a paycheck.

A Fundraiser Allows Your Team to Pull Together in a New Way

When your company is hosting a fundraiser there’s a lot that has to be done, even when you hire party planning experts like Casino Knights Inc. A fundraising project gives your team a new way to pull together and collaborate. It can also be a rare opportunity for departments and employees that don’t interact much in the office to get to know one another.

Employees can flex their creative muscles by coming up with a theme, finding ways to raise money during the event and creating marketing campaigns to get the word out. Just keep in mind the charity that you decide to partner with may need to approve certain decisions or have guidelines that must be followed.

A Fundraiser Raises Awareness About Your Brand

There’s no better way to build brand awareness than by giving back to the community that supports your business. A fundraiser sends a very positive message to the community that your business isn’t just about making profits. Millennial consumers in particular show preference for companies that give back. This growing segment of customers can make or break the success of some companies.

A fundraiser gives your business the opportunity to interact with the community in new ways. You can build relationships with the charity organization, its volunteers and everyone who comes out to attend the event. Social interactions like these not only increase awareness they also encourage brand loyalty.

Growing your customer base shouldn’t be the primary motive, but it’s certainly a fantastic residual benefit of business philanthropy. And of course, the success of your business is good for employees as well.

Casino Knights Inc. has been helping businesses and organizations throw successful fundraisers in Central Texas for 35 years. A casino night is the perfect theme for any fundraiser. Guests are in high spirits, and since they don’t have to gamble with their own money they’re more inclined to give to your charity.

Call today to learn how our experienced planners can help your business put together a casino night fundraiser that brings your team together to support a worthy cause.

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