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Why San Antonio Casino Parties Are The Best

We absolutely love throwing San Antonio casino parties. The city is famous for the Alamo, puffy tacos, the River Walk and being a big party town. Visitors from all over the world come to take in the sights and unwind from the daily grind.

Want to know more? Here are some of the top reasons San Antonio is a great town for casino parties.

No Casino Competition

Getting guests interested in a casino themed party is easy since they can’t get the experience anywhere else in the city. Legalized gambling is almost non-existent in the Lone Star State. The closet casino is 149 miles away on the Mexican border. And even there, the venue only offers electronic gaming.

Year Round Festivities

The top party towns don’t just have a few seasonal events that draw in partiers. They offer year round festivities that keep the revelers coming. San Antonio has a calendar jam packed with big events every week. One day it may be the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, and the next it could be Fiesta – the largest party in Texas.

Year round festivities means that no matter when you throw your casino party, guests can also enjoy other events and make a weekend of it. Great for out-of-town guests that are taking a vacation.

It’s an Urban Epicenter With Tons of Amenities

In a sizable city like San Antonio, just about everything is at your disposal. That makes putting together an epic casino party much easier.

A Number of Musical Acts to Choose From

Austin may be known as the Live Music Capital of the World, but San Antonio also has its fair share of musicians. Plus, most musical acts in Austin will travel the short drive to San Antonio. No matter what type of entertainment you’re looking for, you’ll find a few options.

It’s a Relatively Affordable City

Even though San Antonio is comparable to other large metros in many ways, the cost of living and expenses tend to be much lower. A great example is the cost of venues. Because real estate costs are lower in San Antonio compared to other big cities, you’ll be able to find more venues that fit your budget. But things like party favors, décor and professional services will also be fairly affordable.

Locals Are Used to the Revelry

Sometimes it’s the people who aren’t invited to the party that can cause issues. That’s a lot less likely in San Antonio, since the locals are used to year round revelry.

Ready to throw a casino party in San Antonio? Give Casino Knights Inc. a call! We can transform any space into a temporary casino complete with authentic slot machines, professional card dealers and décor.

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