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Corporate Events

Want to increase productivity, make new partnerships, land more deals and improve employee morale all at once? Of course you do, and you can have loads of fun doing it with a casino themed corporate event in Austin.

Casino games are one of the best corporate event entertainment ideas because they get people interacting in new ways. The barriers created by the office hierarchy will fall away and everyone will have tons of fun together. Even employees that are usually quiet and introverted in the office will suddenly let loose after they win a hand at the poker table or hit their number on the roulette wheel.

Show your employees and partners how much you appreciate their hard work with a casino themed corporate event!

Casino Themed Office Parties in Austin for Every Occasion

Casino parties are our specialty, and it’s one of the most versatile corporate event themes no matter what industry you work in. We can help you put together a corporate casino party that fits a wide variety of themes, including:

  • Christmas and holiday parties
  • New Year celebrations
  • End of year milestone events
  • Anniversary parties for an employee or the company
  • Retirement parties
  • The launch of a new product or location

From the second guests walk through the door until they open their party favors at the end of the night, a casino party will keep guests entertained and energized.

Companies that work hard and play hard together are more likely to succeed together. Contact us to discuss how we can help you create office party ideas that support your business!

Fun Office Party Ideas Q&A

What Makes a Great Corporate Party?

Corporate parties are unique in that they can actually help you improve your business. With that in mind, great corporate parties are designed to boost employee morale, recognize big wins and provide opportunities to network. It’s a time for everyone to relax and celebrate, but it’s also the perfect occasion to bring attention to what the company and particular employees have accomplished.

How Can You Make an Office Party Fun?

At Casino Knights we get the party started with interactive, Vegas-style games and entertainment. We provide everything that’s needed for an authentic experience as cool as anything you’ll find on the Las Vegas Strip, in the heart of Austin, TX. Our team will line up professional dealers, showgirls that walk around and interact with guests – we handle everything right down to the chips. It’s totally immersive and unlike anything else you’ll find in Central Texas.

What is the Best Way to Plan an End of Year Corporate Party in Austin?

Planning an end of year corporate party can be challenging since there are so many other things going on at the same time. The best piece of advice our experts can give is to start planning as early as possible. Make sure the venue and entertainment are lined up in advance since they’ll get booked well before the end of the year.

What Are Some Good Games for Adults at a Party?

Casino games of course! They definitely have an adults only connotation, which will appeal to guests. But just because people are out of adolescence that doesn’t mean they can’t cut loose and have a good laugh. Our horse race rentals are a perfect example. Adults that are prim and proper in the office get big laughs as they ride their “horse” to the finish line.

What Themes Are the Most Entertaining for Office Parties?

That all depends on the purpose behind the office party. Even though we specialize in casino themed parties we can incorporate other elements that tie everything together. Theme ideas also need to stay true to the corporate culture so that it truly reflects the company. Regardless of the theme you choose interactive activities are always entertaining because they engage guests. Any theme that gets people up out of their chairs and mingling will keep guests entertained.

How Can I Organize a Large Corporate Event in Austin, Texas?

Large corporate events can include hundreds of guests, dozens of vendors and lots of logistics. Again, the sooner you start planning the easier the process will be. Find an app or project management system to keep everything all in one place and organized. From there you can create timelines, prioritize tasks and bucket items into different categories like venue needs and supplies.

You may also need to consider enlisting the help of others if you are planning a large corporate event while handling your regular job duties. It’s easy to get bogged down with the event planning, especially when the date gets closer and you're in an event-filled city like Austin. Ask your venue operator and vendors what services they can provide, then delegate the rest of the tasks to other employees.

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