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Parties for fundraising events

Raise Money for a Great Cause With a Casino Night Fundraiser in Austin or San Antonio  !

Generate more money, more fun and more excitement at your fundraising event with casino games! Casino style events will bring more guests out and keep them entertained so they continue to support your cause. Because there’s zero risk of losing money to the house, guests will have more to donate at your fundraiser!

Maximize the Money You Raise With a Casino Night Fundraiser in San Antonio or Austin

Our casino parties are popular fundraising events for one very good reason – they make it easy to raise more money. When guests know it’s a casino style event they know it’s going to be fun and festive with all sorts of entertainment. The more guests that RSVP, the more opportunities you have to raise money for your charity.


The ticket price alone often covers the cost of casino night fundraisers in Austin and San Antonio. You go into the event ready to make money! Since a Vegas-style experience is hard to come by in Central Texas, a casino party has a cool factor that people don’t mind paying for.


You can also line up sponsorships for the casino tables to raise funds before the party gets started. With a donation an individual or company can set up a sign at a casino table announcing that they’ve sponsored that particular game. Another fun idea is to let the sponsor choose someone to deal a couple of hands during the evening.


The energy that comes with casino games creates the perfect atmosphere for live or silent auctions. Guests are going to keep checking, and raising, their bids so they can win the auction!

These are just a few ways our casino games can make your fundraiser a huge success. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you turn your next fundraising event into a “Knight to Remember”!

Q&A for Hosting Casino Night Fundraisers in San Antonio and Austin

Can Your Team Provide Advice on How to Plan a Fundraiser Event?

Trying to organize a large event on your own can be overwhelming. While we specialize in staffing and setting up Vegas-style casino games, our team does have over three decades of experience working fundraising events. We can tell you everything you need to know about hosting casino night fundraisers in Austin or San Antonio. Our team can also provide suggestions for vendors, give advice on timelines and help you keep your entertainment on track.

What Are Some Good Fundraiser Ideas?

We’re partial to casino themed ideas, but there are many ways you can keep the focus on fundraising. That is the point of a charity event after all! It’s a good idea to sell tickets for either general admission or VIP admission. That way you can cover the cost of the party up front. Sponsorships are another way you can raise money before the big night.

From there on out, all the money you raise can go directly to the charity. A donation leaderboard can encourage guests to donate to the cause while they’re at the event. Auctions are also popular because you can get items donated for free. It’s easy to create an auction theme that fits your charity by selecting related products and services.

What Are the Best Casino Games for Entertaining Guests?

Variety is the key when it comes to casino games, because everyone has their own preference. We recommend having slot machines for people that don’t know the rules of casino games. Having at least a few different card games is also a must since you’re guaranteed to have a few Blackjack and Texas Hold’em fans in attendance. Craps and roulette are great options because a lot of people can take part at once.

Which Themes Are the Most Fun at Events?

Casino style themes are always a hit because they keep the energy level high and encourage people to interact. When you’re hosting a fundraiser it’s also a good idea to incorporate themes that are related to the charity. This will bring attention to the cause and inspire people to donate.

And it’s always important to keep your audience in mind. Will the guests include corporate professionals, college students or military members? Each one of these groups is very unique and has different ideas of fun. Consider what people on the guest list will enjoy when you decide on a theme for a non-profit event.

How Can I Make My Gala Unique?

Entertainment is one of the most effective ways to make an otherwise normal gala a unique event people will talk about. It’s part of the fundraising event where being creative can really pay off. Interactive event ideas like casino games will get people talking and mingling, which is always a good thing at a gala.

Music is another key element of the entertainment. Instead of going with a band that strictly covers popular songs, you can find a local group that also does original music or some other form of stage entertainment.

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