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Our Poker Tournament Service

As a charity fundraiser or an office team-building event, a Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament is always popular with the aspiring high-rollers in your group.

You provide the players… and Casino Knights will give you a winner!
Here’s what we’ll bring:

  • our beautiful poker tables, high-quality poker chips and cards.
  • a laptop computer loaded with sophisticated tournament software to provide the necessary structure for your tournament.
  • a projector and screen to display the countdown clock, current blinds and antes.
  • our amazing Poker Tournament Dealers who really know what they’re doing!
  • and - perhaps most important - our highly-qualified, professional and good-looking Tournament Director, who will: explain to your players the re-buy policy, ante structure and blinds; handle table consolidation; tactfully enforce etiquette and procedures; and amiably resolve any disputes between players so that everyone feels they were treated fairly.

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