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Top 10 Reasons To Throw a Killer Casino Party

Poker players sitting around a table at a casino

Why choose a casino party theme? The better question is, why wouldn’t you choose a casino party theme? We may be a little biased, but after 35 years of throwing casino parties in Central Texas, it’s safe to say just about everyone leaves happy.

If you need a few more reasons, here are our top 10 in no particular order.

Reason #1 – It’s Fun – Do You Need Another Reason?

Roll some dice, spin a wheel or play a hand and try not to have fun. It’s impossible. That’s why casino parties are so popular - even the most uptight person lets loose a little.

Reason #2 – You Can Bring the Casino to You

The Las Vegas Strip is over 1,250 miles from Central Texas. With a casino party, the Strip comes to you. You can save that pricey airfare for party favors and still have plenty to spare.

Reason #3 – Everyone’s a Winner

Many people leave Vegas with a lot less money in their wallet. At a casino party people don’t have to play with their own real money, which means everyone’s a winner!

Reason #4 – It’s an Awesome Way to Encourage Interaction

Poker tables have a way of getting people talking. Whether you’re throwing a professional networking mixer, introducing families at an engagement party or throwing a fundraiser casino party, the games will bring everyone together.

Reason #5 – You Can Play James Bond

Admit it - we’ve all watched the glittery James Bond movies with glamorous Monte Carlo casinos and wished we were there. For one night, you can be there without getting a passport or worrying about a nefarious character putting something in your drink.

Reason #6 – People of All Ages Are Entertained

Many party themes are geared towards a specific age group. Games of chance have been entertaining people of all ages for centuries.

Reason #7 – There Are a Lot of Décor Options

Some party themes need to have very specific décor to get the idea across. Casino parties can be paired with all sorts of décor since the games embody the theme. Some of the most popular décor ideas include Queen of Hearts, Rat Pack, Western Saloon, black tie and a 007 Monte Carlo theme (see above).

Reason #8 – Built-In Complimentary Entertainment

You can thank the over-the-top nature of Las Vegas for building an entire entertainment industry around casino games. Lounge singers, showgirls and magicians are all perfect for complimentary entertainment.

Reason #9 – There’s a Lot of Eye Candy

As alluded to above, casino parties have tons of eye candy. Guests are drawn in by the lights and sounds of all the action. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another party theme that rivals the spectacle of a casino shindig.

Reason #10 – For the Thrill of It

Nothing can replace the thrill of a win. Casino games may be largely games of chance, but that doesn’t matter when you hit it big.

Ready to throw a casino party of your own? At Casino Knights Inc., our party planners work with you one-on-one to create a casino party that checks all the boxes above. Give us a call to start planning!

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