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Ways to Encourage Conversations at Your Class Reunion

Summer means high schools students are off on break, but graduates are getting together for class reunions. Seeing people for the first time in 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years isn’t always easy for starting conversations! And let’s face it, some schools were full of cliques that can be rekindled during a class reunion. You...
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Reasons to Start Planning Your Company Christmas Party in the Summer

Yes, we’re still six months away from the Christmas holiday, but a number of our clients are already getting things lined up. That might seem a little excessive to some however, these party planners know the value of getting a head start. The holidays are just about the busiest time of year for anyone in...
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Keep Wedding Guests Entertained With Games

Right now we’re at the height of the summer wedding season, and Casino Knights couldn’t be busier. We’re helping couples create unique receptions for their guests, which is a growing trend across the nation. The Knot’s annual wedding survey reveals how brides and grooms are planning the event, how much they’re spending and what matters...
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Venues for the Extreme – Large Parties

Over the last 30+ years we’ve hosted casino parties that were intimate and others that were huge affairs. Weddings, company holiday parties, class reunions, fundraisers – they can involve hundreds of people all in one place. Finding a venue that can accommodate all of the guests is often the biggest challenge. The more people there...
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