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Thank YOU!!!

I’ll be honest with you... many employees were skeptical of the casino theme. They even said they wouldn’t come!!! But they came, and EVERYONE had a BLAST!!! It was the most social interaction most of us have had with each other in a while. Things are very busy and stressful where we work, and this party was SO GREAT!!!!


Gosh, I’m almost tearing up just thinking about how much fun everyone had. The dealers were awesome and funny!!! Everything was so professional and wonderful!


Thanks so much for everything and I wouldn’t be surprised if we do Casino theme EVERY year for Christmas!! 😉 Happy New Year!!

CJ, Production Art, Rosco Labs

Deborah and LeeAnne,

Thank you so much for helping make our event a HUGE success!! Our franchise, business, and vendor partners absolutely loved the Vegas night we hosted! Hence the reason we asked y’all to stay open a bit later!


You guys have a very professional team. They are just remarkable and I will definitely be calling again to book your services!


The showgirls (Ruby and Blu...I think were their names) were a memorable highlight of the evening.

Thanks again for all you did for us!

Shayla Garner, Woodhouse Day Spa

Hi Deborah,

I hope you are well. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job for our event! You have an awesome team! LeeAnne and your drivers, casino manager, dealers & everyone.

Thanks again,

Jennifer Hentrich, Creative Consultants

Hi LeeAnne,

I wanted to thank you for a fantastic party the other night for our company. I have received many compliments back from my employees over and over on what a great night it was.


Both of you and your team onsite were just fantastic. I cannot say enough about the dealers - they were kind, helpful, and fun!!


I will definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues and we will be back, maybe even next year:)

Thanks again!

Amy Bodin, Iodine Software