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Why Are Card Tables Green?

There are a lot of traditional elements in poker and how it's played. Anyone who has played a hand at a casino probably noticed that certain colors are used for chips, cards and also the poker tables.

When you look around the casino or a casino party you’ll see a sea of green felt. Now you may be wondering, why are card tables green? The first thing that may come to mind is green represents money, and that’s what everyone is after at the card table.

While that is a good guess, the real answer is rooted in psychology, the casinos’ effort to keep people playing and a pool game called snooker.

Green Makes Players Feel Relaxed and Comfortable

The goal for casinos is to get people playing and keep them playing for as long as possible. Everything in the casino is carefully selected and orchestrated around this goal right down to the card table felt.

The reason casinos started favoring green felt decades ago is because the color is believed to make people relaxed and comfortable. When people are comfortable they are more likely to take a seat at a table full of strangers and bet their hard earned money. When they’re more relaxed they’re also more likely to keep playing even if they’ve lost a few hands in a row.

Casinos aren’t the only business that use color psychology. Restaurants are also known to use similar tactics to get people eating.

Green Means Go

There’s another psychological association with the color green. In American culture green means go. It has a positive connotation connected to taking action and “getting the greenlight” to move forward. So green card tables send a subconscious message that people should go for it and start playing.

Baize Beginnings of Card Tables

Another reason why green felt covers card tables could have something to do with the material that was first used for other gaming tables. Hundreds of years ago card playing and pool was just as popular as it is today, although it was illegal to gamble in a lot of areas.

A pool game called snooker was all the rage in the 19th Century. Snooker tables were covered in a material called baize. The thick, smooth texture of baize was perfect for making shots, and it was dyed green to resemble a lawn. Soon baize was also used for card tables since it allowed the dealer to easily slide cards to players.

Some poker history buffs have suggested that baize was used for card tables because the material made it easier to conceal illegal gambling. You can write on the felt material with chalk and just as easily wipe it off. So back in the day, players could indicate their wagers with chalk lines, and if there was a raid they would quickly wipe away the evidence.

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