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Casino Craze: The Psychology Behind Our Love of Gambling

Casino Craze

In our line of business we see the pure enjoyment people get out of playing casino games on a regular basis. Casino gaming has been a popular party theme since we launched our business 34 years ago, and as far as revenue is concerned, today gambling is America’s favorite pastime.

People have been gambling and playing games of chance for centuries in cultures and countries around the world. What is it that attracts us so much? Is it the thrill? Is it the hope of hitting the jackpot?

Social scientists have been studying why people gamble for years. What they’ve learned is there are a few key motivators for gamblers.

There’s Nothing Like a Lucrative Win

In life we all want to be winners. At a casino and at casino parties not everyone is a winner, of course, but around every corner is the excitement of someone hitting it big. There is a possibility, and that’s what matters most.

It’s not surprising to learn money is the primary motivator for many gamblers. The idea of becoming instantly rich with very little effort has always attracted players. Who wouldn’t want to suddenly obtain financial security like they never had before? Overnight your life could change with the winnings.

Thrill Seekers

Studies suggest that people who score high on the Gambling Attitudes and Belief Survey are focused on the winnings that they could earn from gambling. However, some people who gamble aren’t in it for the money. For them, the thrill is much more rewarding.

Even in the face of low odds, or perhaps because of it, people will anticipate the glorious feeling of coming away a winner. The thought that they might lose heightens the emotions and makes it a more thrilling experience. These individuals understand life is inherently full of risks and rewards, and they’re willing to take on risk to experience the reward.

Because life is a game of chance in many cases, thrill seekers often see gambling as a way to have some control over the odds. Like the decisions we make every day that could alter our entire life, thrill seeking gamblers see the games as a choice that they’re making. In some games you can even choose how much you want to risk.

In this way gambling isn’t much different than all the other chances people have taken throughout history, for example the miners during the Gold Rush or the pilgrims that boarded the Mayflower. If you accept risk and understand the potential outcomes yet still gamble you could be one of the many people that play for the thrill.

The Allure of the Overall Experience

Going to a casino or attending casino parties isn’t necessarily about the gambling for some people. Sure, playing the games is a ton of fun, but the overall experience is exhilarating.

Energy levels are high, people are letting loose and the excited anticipation of winning is palpable. It’s easy to lose yourself in the glitz and glam. In this regard, gambling is a harmless diversion that’s motivated by the desire to simply have a good time.

Casino environments are known for being adult playgrounds. The casino games encourage people to mingle and make friends as they share the experience of winning and losing. People generally have a good time, and for stressed out Americans, gambling can be a serious stress reliever.

The best thing about Casino Knights’ parties is that everyone gets to be a winner. It’s all about having a good time rather than betting big. Call us today to learn how we can add an element of thrilling fun to your next corporate event, charity fundraiser or celebration!

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