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Poker Chips Guide: Colors, Values & Customization

Even people who’ve never played a poker game before are somewhat familiar with the chips. These colorful, tiny discs have been used in place of money during poker games since the 1930s. When you’re sitting at a poker table, chips are about the most important thing in the world, especially if you’re playing in a poker tournament. During a tournament, chips mean you’re still in the game and have a shot of winning.

But what exactly do all the colors mean? And how do valuations work? This guide will help you get poker chips figured out.

Poker Chip Colors

Poker chips are a standard size and shape, but they come in a rainbow of colors. In actuality, any color can be worth any value. It’s all up to the casino or person hosting the game. However, over the years certain colors have become associated with certain values.

Typical poker chip values are:

White - $1 or $100

Blue - $1, $10 or $50

Pink - $2.50 (typically only used for blackjack), $250, $5,000

Red - $5

Light Blue - $10

Green - $25

Yellow - $2, $20, $25, $1,000

Black - $100

Purple - $500

Orange - $10,000

Grey - $20

Brown - $5,000

As you can see there’s no hard and fast rules. However, there are a few colors that are the same value just about everywhere. Red is almost always $5, green is almost always $25 and black is almost always $100.

There’s something called the Munsell Color Code system that is used by some casinos, particularly those in Atlantic City. The system outlines the actual hue and chroma classifications for chips.

If you’re playing a home poker game you can make any color any value you want. For games of up to 10 players you’ll want to have at least 3-4 colors.

Number Valuations

Often you don’t have to guess the value of a poker chip. Since the colors aren’t straightforward, many poker chips have the values printed right on them. They’ll have a valuation like $5, $10 and $20.

If you’re lucky enough to join a high-limit game you may see denominations of $1,000 all the way up to $25,000. Sometimes these higher values are also in the form of plaques that are about the size of  a playing card.

Custom Poker Chips

Chips are one of the many things that can be customized in poker. Most all casinos will have custom-made chips with their logo or name. Over the years, custom poker chips have become somewhat of a collectors item, and some of the retired chips are now worth more than their face value.

At Casino Knights Inc. we offer a lot of opportunities for sponsors of charity poker events to get their name out there. You can opt for a custom poker table felt or we can arrange to have custom poker chips made.

Casino Knights Inc. Poker Chips

When we throw a casino party we provide everything you need to play all the popular poker games, including the chips. We don’t print the values on the poker chips, but we do have a valuation system based on the colors.  We add zeros to every value so that everyone who plays feels like a real winner!

White - 100

Red - 500

Green - 2,500

Black - 10,000

Yellow - 20,000

Ready to place your bet? Call Casino Knights Inc. to learn about our casino party packages, hosting a corporate event or holding a charity poker tournament!

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