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10 Tips for Pulling off the Perfect Employee Appreciation Party

Do you want to show your employees how much their hard work and dedication mean to the company? Then it’s time for an employee appreciation party!

Employees crave recognition for their hard work. According some studies, employees who feel appreciated have more positive mindset and are more productive on the whole. Also, they're more likely to be loyal employees who go above and beyond their typical job duties.

If you want to throw an employee appreciation party that shows how much your staff means to your company, follow these 10 tips from our event planning pros.

Give Employees a Voice

Since it’s an employee appreciation party, employees' preferences and opinions are most important. If you don't ask them what they like, you run the risk of throwing an unsatisfying party for employees, and for the management team.

Pick a Festive Theme

The theme of the party helps setting the tone. For example, one of our signature casino parties instantly tells guests to get ready for a fun night of wheeling and dealing. Put people in the mood to party with a festive theme that celebrates your success.

Leave Work at the Door

If the party is just another opportunity to get everyone together and talk about work, it’s a meeting. Make it a rule not to talk shop at the party.

Incorporate Fun Games

Another distinction between a meeting and an office party is the entertainment. Incorporate fun games and music to prevent the party from becoming just another day at the office.

Hand Out Awards and Bonuses

Make your employee appreciation party a truly special event by handing out awards or bonuses during the party. They can be funny, joke awards or serious accomplishments. Either way can make employees enjoy getting recognition for their performance.

Plan to Have the Party When Everyone’s Off Work

After a night of revelry, clocking in is the last thing most people want to do. Try your best to have the party the day before everyone is off so all employees can let loose. If that’s not possible, consider letting employees come in an hour or two later than normal after the party.

Let Employees Know Well in Advance

Every good employer understands that employees have lives outside of work. Failing to recognize this will make employees feel less appreciated and respected. For that reason, make sure all employees know about the party well in advance so they can plan ahead.

Make Sure Each Employee is Recognized

Employers and/or managers should make time during the event to talk with each employee and personally thank them. Even though the party is for the company at large, letting each person know how they specifically contribute gives an important personal touch.

Provide a Parting Gift

A memorable gift is a great keepsake and reminder for employees that the company is invested in their happiness. Prepare the gift as something that makes their jobs be easier, and it will definitely be appreciated!

Provide Safe Transportation

The last thing you want as an employer or HR manager is for an employee to get into an accident after the party.  Plan ahead by arranging for safe transportation, and encourage employees to use public transportation.

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Give us a call to start planning your employee appreciation party!

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