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How To Throw an Office Party for an Employee Birthday

When an employee has a birthday it’s an occasion worth celebrating! Personal recognition is also an effective way to boost production and employee engagement, which is great for the entire company. But what type of office party should you throw and what should you get for the celebration?

With so many people in the office it’s easy to get into a birthday party routine. Instead of going through the motions you can make each one a special event with these tips.

Make It Something That Interests the Birthday Boy/Girl

This isn’t your typical office party that’s being thrown for the group. The birthday party should have a theme and activities that interest the guest of honor, even if it isn’t the first choice for the rest of the group. After all, it is their special day.

For example, if an employee is an avid poker player then a casino party is something that they’d love to get for their birthday. If they’re on a bowling league, set up a few lanes at the office using plastic sets. If art is their stress reliever then buy some canvases and have a painting party.

It’s tempting for the host to get into their own party mindset, but remember it’s all about the birthday boy or girl.

Invite a Few Family Members

Just because it’s an office party that doesn’t mean you can’t invite a few family members to take part in the festivities. Extend the invitation to immediate family members like significant others, children and siblings to make the occasion extra special.

Come Up With a Meaningful or Fun Gag Gift

Gift cards are appreciated, but they aren’t very personal. When it comes to getting a gift for an office birthday party, two brains are better than one - or in this case a company of brains. A few weeks before the birthday party, the planner can send out an email asking for gift ideas for the guest of honor.

The goal is to figure out either a meaningful or fun gag gift that has a personal touch. It shows that you care for the birthday boy or girl as a person and not just a part of the company.

Don’t Forget the Cake (or Cupcakes or Pie)

No birthday party is complete without a cake. It doesn’t matter what age someone is, blowing out the birthday candles never gets old. The trick to making it special at the office is to get the birthday boy or girl’s favorite treat, whether it’s a traditional cake, fruit-filled pie or organic cookies.

Go a step further by adding fun customization that goes beyond their name. Bakers can use digital printing technology to take any image and turn it into an icing topping. So why not print their business card on the cake? Or you can use icing and candies to make a replica of their office desk. Whatever you do, you can never be too creative when you’re customizing the birthday cake.

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