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5 Unique Party Favor Ideas

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Having great gifts for your guests to take home puts the cherry on top of a wonderful party. These little trinkets make your attendees feel special and serve as reminders of the fun they had at your event. Party favors are fun for everyone and are another way to carry out your theme! At Casino Knights, Inc., our experienced team can help you plan an entertaining, high-rolling casino party, complete with numerous games, customized décor, showgirls, slot machines, and more. Over the past thirty years, we’ve perfected the art of throwing a great party that people of all ages can enjoy. To up the ante for your next event, we can give you ideas for exceptional gifts. In the following blog, we describe five unique party favor ideas you might use for your next party.

1. Provide personalized decks of cards. 

What could be better for a casino-themed party than a personalized set of playing cards? These might include the name of your organization, the date of your party, or pictures relating to the event. Playing cards are fun and functional mementos befitting a variety of parties, from a sweet sixteen soiree to a fundraiser festivity.

2. Give out special, sophisticated sweets.

People love having tasty treats to take home with them. Candy bars and lollipops can be wrapped to play up your theme! For example, HGTV recommends giving out infused sugars (simply fill a glass jar with sugar and something else, like lime pieces or lavender sprigs).  You can also give standbys like M&Ms or gumdrops a classy twist by packaging them in shiny plastic and tying them with a bow.

3. Let them take photo booth strips home.

Photo booths are a big hit at parties. Your guests can document their fun forever with goofy faces and silly props. They can keep the printed strips as special souvenirs of their casino party experience. To take your party favors up a notch, you might even include special photo booth picture frames so your attendees can better show off their snapshots.

4. Deliver your favors in dice cubes.

Sometimes, unwrapping a gift is the best part. You can present your party favors in our dice cubes, which are both whimsical and relevant. Guests can enjoy the hidden surprises in these decorative dice as the night goes on.

5. Pass out Casino-themed treats!

There are many wonderful Casino-themed party favors you could give out. Some of our favorites include:

  • Chocolate Casino chips
  • Shot glasses with dice in the bottom
  • Blinky light pins of Slot Machines or dice
  • Necklaces
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Coasters that look like Casino chips
  • And on and on!

Let Us Help You With Your Next Party

There are lots of Casino-themed treats out there for you and your guests. Casino Knights has tried many of these treats or has helped with parties where unique party favors have been distributed. Give us a call and we will share some of our ideas with you!

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