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Deciding Which Games to Have at a Casino Party


Few parties rely on entertainment like a casino party does. This type of party is all about the games - and there are a lot of them when you partner up with our party planners!

Should you focus on card games? If so, which ones? Or would it be better to pack the house with games of chance?

When we help a client throw a casino party, these are some of the questions that get answered early in the planning process. You don’t have to leave it up to Lady Luck. The points below will help you decide which casino games will be a hit rather than a bust.

Space at the Party Venue

One of the first things to consider is your venue. Space is required for all casino games, but some need a larger area than others. Therefore, the size of the venue determines how many games can be accommodated, which has an impact on the variety and type of games you have.

Another thing to account for at the venue is electric outlets. If you want to have slot machines you may be limited by how many can be plugged in at once.

Comfort and Skill Level of Guests

At the end of the day you want your guests to have fun playing the games. That largely depends on their comfort and skill level. You might have a room full of card sharks that will be bored with any game outside of Texas Hold’em. Or the guest list may primarily be novice players that are easily intimidated by poker and craps.

For a large party or if you’re unsure of the guests’ skill level, it’s best to choose a variety of casino card and chance games. Slot machines are always a safe bet because they require no skill and are loads of fun. Blackjack is another great option since most people are familiar with the game and the rules are very simple to pick up for people who have never played before.

Interests of the Guests

You’ll also want to consider the types of games your guests are interested in. Are they the type that like to gamble on risky ventures? Do they have the patience to take part in a poker tournament? Are they the type that likes to try something new, especially when they don’t have to actually pay money?

It may help to ask a few of the guests what type of games they’d like to play at the party. When in doubt, go with a mix of games to satisfy many interests.

How Many Guests Will Attend

Last but not least is how many people have RSVP’d to the party. You’ll want to make sure your casino games can keep everyone entertained. While slot machines are a single-player game, a dozen or more people can gather around a craps table at once. Poker, blackjack and roulette tables can seat at least six people each. Many people can place bets at once on our horse race game.

Not everyone will be playing at once, but you should have enough games that will allow for at least half of the guests to get in on the action at any given time.

The party planners at Casino Knights Inc. can help you decide which casino games to include based on the factors above and our personal experience. Give us a call or check out the casino party packages page to learn more!

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