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Plan Your Next Party With A Casino Theme


Next time you are planning an event, consider having a Casino party!!  Casino parties are wonderful, easy, interactive and entertaining events for all ages!  They are great as icebreakers and allow for networking, visiting, laughing and partying all at once.

Give Casino Knights a call to help you plan your Casino.  We can help you select games to fit your group’s size and interests.  Casino Knights has all the favorite Casino games and we have friendly, helpful dealers who can teach your guests how to play!

All guests receive the same stake for the evening and can play any game they want to try. At the end of the evening, Casino Knights will help cash in the chips for raffle tickets if you want to give the winners a prize.

Casino Knights offers some décor items as well – Jumbo Card Banners and stacks of Giant Dice!  Casino decorations can be as elaborate or as simple as you want.  We have seen hanging curtains made from playing cards and balloon arches in red, black and white.  Centerpieces made from large playing cards can be as eye-catching as boxes painted to resemble dice which are filled with flowers.

Casino parties can be modified to fit almost any theme you can come up with – a night in Las Vegas, James Bond 007, a Western saloon, a 1930s Speakeasy, a Star Wars canteen or a Derby Day party!

Check out our Casino Party Packages or give Casino Knights a call and we will help plan your next party!


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  1. So we got our first look at Casino Knights’ new authentic one-armed-bandit Slot Machines straight from Atlantic City! Billy King and Wesley Smith are busy building new slot machine stands skinned with aluminum diamond plate. Man, these things are beautiful!

  2. I love Casino Knights!

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