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Reasons to Start Planning Your Company Christmas Party in the Summer

It might be months away from the Christmas holiday, but a number of our clients know the importance of getting things lined up early. Preparing in June (or sooner) might seem a little excessive to some, however, party planners that get a head start enjoy a lot of benefits.

The holidays are just about the busiest time of year for anyone in the event industry. Early birds are going to get a jump start that gives them the best pick of the top venues, catering and entertainment. But those are just a few of the reasons why you should plan your company Christmas party well in advance.

You Get the Best Choice of Venues

Today there are many more venues to choose from in Texas compared to when Casino Knights started 34 years ago. Cities all around the country have also been adding event space. But not all of the venues will meet your needs. Your company will want to secure a holiday party venue early when:

  • You need avenue for a large number of guests - this is certainly going to limit your options.

  • You plan to have live performances during the party.

  • You’ll need certain media services such as a large projection screen.

  • You want a venue with spectacular views.

  • You prefer a venue in a specific location, like downtown or near your office.

  • You want to have the party in a popular or trendy spot.

December is the most popular month of the year for parties. In particular, December 16th-23rd are the days when people are most likely to throw a shindig. That means a lot of companies are looking for venues at the exact same time. Whatever venue logistics you have to work with they’re easier to manage when you start planning months in advance.

You’re More Likely to Get an Ideal Date


One thing that’s always in short supply during the holidays is time. There are only so many days leading up to the holiday season and even fewer weekends around it to choose from.

Friday nights and Saturdays are going to get booked up first, because companies understandably want to minimize impact on the workweek. For some companies that need to hit year-end numbers a weekday party just isn’t a possibility. Sundays are also in-demand, but in order to avoid having people call in sick the next day it’s best to reserve a time that doesn’t run too late.

If you wait until October or later there’s a good chance you’ll have to make due with a date in the middle of the week if you’re dead set on a particular venue. But even giving on the venue isn’t a guarantee you’ll get the date you want if you wait to start planning.

You Can Begin Making the Rest of Your Reservations Without Feeling Pressured

Many event services, including our casino parties, need to know where the Christmas party is going to be held in order to make all the other arrangements. Some vendors, such as caterers, need to know certain details about the venue before they can even provide an accurate quote for their service.

If you get the venue reserved early you’ll be able to provide vendors with information that makes it easier on everyone involved. There’s a lot less pressure since everything is being reserved and coordinated with plenty of time to spare. You’ll also be able to build rapport with vendors, which can help makes things much easier in later phases as the date draws nearer.

You’ll Have Time to Comparison Shop

Another major benefit of planning a Christmas party early is the possibility of saving money. When there are months before the party date rather than weeks or days you have time to call around and compare rates. The wider selection of available vendors means a wider selection of prices. You may also be able to negotiate lower rates or special deals since you’re reserving services well in advance.

There’s Less Stress

Holiday parties are supposed to be something you look forward to, not a source of stress. The sooner you start planning, the less stressed you’ll be overall. Because we all know the holidays are hectic enough as it is without having to nail down important details for a company Christmas party.

You’ll Save Time

Starting months in advance will ultimately save you time while planning the company Christmas party. Since vendors are less likely to be booked, there will be less calling around to find someone who can accommodate your needs. Vendors are also more likely to give you their full focus and attention, which can help speed things along.

You’ll Be Able to Send Invitations Well in Advance

People’s calendars fill up quickly during the holiday season. Your company Christmas party will be a priority for employees, but their spouses as well as your clients, partners and suppliers may have other events they want to attend. The sooner you get the venue, date and entertainment locked down the sooner you can send out invitations – and increase your RSVPs.

The Entertainment Options Will Be More Abundant

Take it from us, entertainment is something you want to get reserved early. It’s just as important as the venue and food when it comes to creating a memorable holiday party employees will enjoy. This is the time for the company to roll out the red carpet and show employees their hard work is appreciated. If you wait until the last minute the entertainment (or lack thereof) could leave everyone less than impressed.

Casino Knights Inc. is the premier casino party provider in Central Texas. There’s a reason why our past clients are already making reservations for Christmas – because they know we get booked solid during the holiday season. Call us today to learn more about our services or make a reservation for December!

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