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5 Infallible Tips for a Casino Night Fundraiser

5 Infallible Tips for a Casino Night Fundraiser


For the most fun, most impactful fundraiser in all of Austin

Spread the word

You can’t raise money without people. You can’t get people to come to your fundraiser if they don’t know about it! Whether you want to target a specific audience with formal invitations, or the general public with a flyer, you’ve got to get the word out!

Whether you are designing invitations or flyers yourself, using a graphic designer or an online service you want your advertisement to:

a. Capture attention with a clean, original design. Not a designer? Head over to Design Shack for simple ideas to get you started.

b. Contain the nuts & bolts info about your event. Don’t overload your audience with too much information. If you have additional information you want to include, but are low on space, push readers to your website.

c. Reach your target audience. Consider who you want at your event when you design your advertisement. If you are going with a flyer, consider where these people congregate—coffee shops, bars, restaurants, churches, etc.—and post your flyers there.

Consider your budget

You’ve got to spend money to make money. It’s a worn out phrase, and it’s not necessarily true. If you are hosting a fundraiser for a nonprofit, chances are you can get a lot of what you need donated from local businesses who want to support your cause and get their brand recognized as charitable and socially conscious.

At Casino Knights, we will pair you with a highly-qualified and experienced staff member who will work with you based on your budget and specific needs. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, and know just how to set up the perfect fundraiser that won’t break the bank.

Table Sponsorships

Partner with local businesses who want to be known as supporting your cause! Have a company sponsor a game table—roulette, poker, blackjack, craps—for a set amount, and display their logo at the table in return. This is a great way to ensure a profit before anyone even arrives at your casino night party!

Silent Auction

Another great way to bring in funds is by hosting a silent auction. Again, you can partner with local businesses to donate items for the auction. This is a wonderful way to involve businesses who may not be able to offer a cash sponsorship. Ask a massage parlor to donate a free one-hour massage, get a local shop to donate a basket of gifts—the possibilities are endless! 

Get them to come back!

Socially conscious individuals will support your cause if they are invested in what you do. What will keep your donors coming back (and help you develop new ones) is FUN! The launch of one great Casino fundraising night can lead to an annual event that your stakeholders look forward to. And it’s never a bad idea to solicit feedback from your guests. Pass out or email a short survey to your attendees to see what you can improve upon for next year!

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