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10 Fun Reasons to Have an Office Party in Austin

The booming economy in Austin has attracted a lot of businesses to the area, which means one thing - more office parties! Our phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from companies that want to set up a casino corporate event for their employees and colleagues.

Haven’t enjoyed an Austin office party yet? Here are 10 reasons why you’ll want to host an office party in Austin.

1. Austin Keeps It Weird

Even if you aren’t into the whole “weird” concept, everyone can appreciate having the freedom to let their hair down and be themselves. In terms of party planning, the keep it weird mindset means all themes are on the table. People even get creative with our casino party theme by making it hyper specific or adding their own unique twist.

2. Tons of Transportation Options

The last thing you want is for an employee to indulge a little too much at the party and get into an accident or worse. In Austin you have numerous transportation options since the city has invested heavily in public transport. Buses run at all hours of the night and the light rail provides another way to get around from downtown. If guests need to go a short distance downtown a fleet of pedicabs is ready and waiting. Uber and Lyft are also back in action, giving Austinites even more ways to get home safely.

3. Plenty of Fun Places to Celebrate

Where the office party is held has a huge impact on the experience. In Austin there’s an abundance of fun party venues to choose from both outdoors and indoors. It’s one of the few places where you can host an office party in a tucked away sculpture garden, a century-old pecan grove or a revamped power plant.

4. We Love the Holidays - All of Them

If there’s a holiday happening somewhere in the world, there’s a good chance people are celebrating it in Austin. Even made up holidays like Eeyore’s Birthday warrant a festival. This is partly due to the fact that Austinites are an eclectic mix of people, and partly because we love having a reason to dress up in specialized attire and use festive decorations.

5. Wildly Fun Entertainment Options

Austin is a city of performers and not just musicians. On any given night you can go see aerial dancers, live art sessions, contortionists or hula hoop jugglers. There are even corporate magicians (that’s their official job title). Of course, if you want to stick to musical entertainment you’ll be able to find every type of sound imaginable, including musical stylings from a band of zombies.

6. Creative Catering

Anyone who’s lived in or visited Austin knows that it’s a mecca for foodies, particularly those that prize innovation. Chefs, bakers and caterers take the keep Austin weird mantra to heart. Chocolates with crickets, siracha and fresh lavender - we’ve got that. Farm to table fare from local food growers - party guests can nosh on that. Machi cure (asian-inspired nachos) - those were invented in Austin.

Basically whatever strange concoction your taste buds are craving can probably be found here.

7. Food Trucks That Come to You

Looking for something a little different than traditional catering? In the city that revolutionized the food truck industry, it’s no surprise there are dozens of mobile restaurants that will drive up to your party venue.

8. Craft Drinks Made Locally

Plan to serve adults beverages at your office party? Austin was at the forefront of the craft brew movement, which means there’s an excellent selection of locally-made beers from brewers like 512 Brewing Company. Of course, Tito’s has you covered when it comes to craft spirits.

9. Perfect City for Dressing Up in Costumes

If your office party has a theme, Austin is a great place to dress for the occasion. For starters, no one will look at you strange if you’re in costume and Halloween is still months away. Second, Lucy’s in Disguise has virtually every costume imaginable. If you somehow can’t find what you need there, you can probably find it at one of Austin’s many vintage shops.

10. Your Office Party Can Be an Animal House

Austin is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the U.S. Many event venues welcome canine companions, but the animal kingdom fun doesn’t stop there. You can hire Tiny Tails to You for an office “hoppy hour.” They’ll bring adorable ducks, bunnies, chicks, guinea pigs and tiny hedgehogs to you for a personal petting zoo.

Need help throwing a super fun office party in Austin? Casino Knights Inc. can transform your party into a Vegas Strip extravaganza. Professional tables, dealers, decor, entertainment - our party planners will make you an office hero! Call us today to learn more about our custom offerings and casino party packages.

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