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Great Ideas of a Customer Appreciation Party

Every business needs customers in order to survive and thrive. Making your customers feel appreciated is one of the best ways you can build loyalty and relationships that last for the long-term. As the highly successful American Express points out, customer appreciation is also great for the brand.

One way to show how thankful you are is with a customer appreciation party. Not only is it a way to reward your customers, it’s also an opportunity to spend time with them and get to know them on a more personal level. The goal is to make the party a special occasion where your customers get to unwind and have fun.

Get ready to roll out the red carpet with these customer appreciation party ideas.

Throw a Family Picnic

If most or all of your customers have kids then a family picnic is a fantastic idea during the spring or summer. Customers will really appreciate that you are including children and significant others since it gives them an opportunity to spend quality family time together while enjoying a business event.

One benefit to throwing a picnic is the food is loved by people of all ages so you won’t have to make special accommodations for children. However, it is a good idea to line up entertainment for both adults and children. Horseshoes, cornhole and badminton are fun games for the adults while children will spend hours in a bounce house, getting their face painted and playing with hula hoops.

Plan an Intimate Dinner Party

If you don’t have a huge roster of customers or you plan on inviting a key group of core customers a smaller, more intimate party may be more appropriate. When there are 20 or lessguests, a dinner party with cocktail hour beforehand is ideal. Find a venue that can accommodate everyone at one or two tables and has a variety of options on the menu.

Holiday or Seasonal Themed

Holidays are a festive time that give you a chance to have fun with customers. Since not everyone celebrates Christmas, it may be a better idea to choose an all-inclusive holiday like Halloween or the Fourth of July.

You can also choose a seasonal theme like the start of the Major League Baseball season or the Oscars. If you go with the latter, you can even come up with award categories of your own to highlight customers. Just make sure every customer gets their own special recognition.

Let Them Be High Rollers at a Casino Party

In Las Vegas, high rollers are given special treatment that makes them feel like a million bucks. You can replicate that feeling with a customer appreciation casino party.

At casino parties guests get to enjoy authentic poker games and get the thrill of winning without having to bet any of their own money. In places like Texas where gambling isn’t allowed, a casino party is a unique experience for customers that they can’t get every day. You can up the ante with Vegas-style entertainment and an all-you-can-eat buffet that will have people coming back for seconds.

Corporate casino parties are one of our specialties at Casino Knights Inc. We can help your company create a customer appreciation party guests are sure to remember complete with professional dealers, decor and entertainment. Check out the party packages or give us a call to start planning your next customer appreciation event!

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