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Host a Perfect Poker Night: San Antonio Edition

Friendship is an important part of our emotional well-being. It's so powerful that people with strong friendships have a lower risk of depression, high blood pressure and obesity.

If you’ve been missing the bonds of friendship, it might be time to get your old gang back together. Many groups of friends get together to enjoy a common interest, which is why poker nights are so popular. It’s an activity that promotes interaction and discussion among the group without distracting from the game at hand.

You can DIY your own poker night or hire the professionals to throw a blow-out casino party in San Antonio for a large groups of friends. Here are a few ways you can stack the deck so your poker night makes people want to get together again and again.

Get a Head Count

You’ll need to know how many people plan to play in advance in order to get everything else ready. Send out invites at least two weeks before the poker night and request that people RSVP by a certain date.

Invest in a Professional Poker Setup

Sure, you can sit around the kitchen table to play a hand of poker. But that doesn’t give friends the real poker playing experience. Make the reunion feel like a special event by investing in a professional poker setup. At a minimum get a fresh deck of cards, enough chips for all the players (a set of 500 should be good) and a felt poker tabletop.

If you plan to host poker nights on a regular basis, you may want to go ahead and get an actual poker table. For longevity and ease of play, look for a wooden, eight-sided table. You can earn bonus points if it has cup holders. If you plan to have more than eight players look for an oval poker table that can accommodate 10 players.

Pick a Game Everyone Can Play

There are many different poker games to choose from, but some are more popular than others. Most card players are familiar with five-card and seven-card stud/draw. Texas Hold‘em is a very popular game in many areas of the country today.

You don’t want to spend the first part of the evening teaching people how to play. Decide what the game will be and let guests know so they can brush up on the rules before they take a seat at the table.

Decide Between a Tournament and Cash Games

Do you want to play tournament-style or cash games? Choosing to play a tournament means that players will need to square away at least several hours and they’ll all need to ante up the same amount. Cash games allow for more flexibility.

Generally speaking, tournaments tend to be better for beginners. However, if players will be arriving at different times, a cash game structure may be necessary.

Make Sure Everyone is Comfortable With the Buy-in and Betting

This brings us to the next point. A poker night isn’t fun if you’re short on cash and surrounded by high rollers. Opt for low buy-ins and minimum bets if players are on a tight budget. If bankrolls are short, a tournament with a reasonable buy-in is usually the best option.

Since it’s a friendly get together, you may want to use chips but keep actual money off the table. Bragging rights are usually more important than the cash anyway.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Food

No matter what type of get together you’re throwing, guests will be happy if the food is good. Poker nights can last for hours, especially if you’re playing tournament style. Plan to provide a few snacks and one dish that’s more substantial. Tex-Mex is always a popular choice in San Antonio, and it allows people to customize their plate. Also, let guests know in advance if the poker party is BYOB.

You may also want to plan a pre-game meal. This will give the gang an opportunity to socialize and catch up before people put their poker faces on.

Want to focus on friends instead of all the poker party preparation? Casino Knights Inc. has been throwing private poker parties and poker tournaments in Central Texas for over 35 years. We provide everything you need and offer package deals for groups as small as 10 people. Give us a call to start planning your poker night reunion!

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