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3 Tips for Throwing Your First Casino Party

If you’ve never been to a casino party before, you’re in for a night you won’t soon forget. Casino parties aren’t your standard get together. When Casino Knights Inc. throws a casino party, we bring in authentic slot machines, poker tables, professional dealers, showgirls, decorations and lighting that will totally transform a venue.

As you can imagine, casino parties are unique in the entertainment that’s offered. Guests are encouraged to get out of their seats and try their luck at games they rarely get to play. During our events there’s an infectious energy that fills the party as people win big without having to gamble with actual money.

In this post our expert party planners are filling guests in on what they can expect and providing tips on how to get ready for your first casino party.

Ask About the Attire

When people think of casino parties, the first thing that comes to mind is men in slick James Bond-style suits and women in slinky gowns. While some casino parties are black tie affairs, others are much more laidback. There are also hosts who like to go all-in with a theme that includes costumes or very specific attire.

So how are guests supposed to know what to wear?

  • First, check the invite. Look for a mention of whether there’s a theme or if it’s a formal event.

  • For corporate casino parties, business casual attire is always appropriate.

  • If there’s no indication of the expected attire, it’s a safe bet to don what you’d normally wear to a cocktail party.

When in doubt it’s never a bad idea to ask the party host what type of attire you should wear when you RSVP for the party.

Learn the Rules of the Game

You can’t go to a casino party without playing a few games! That’s the whole point of the special event, and even complete novice players are welcome to play at a casino party.

But even if you’re new to the scene, it’s proper poker etiquette to already be familiar with how a casino game is played before pulling up a seat at the table. If you know you want to try your hand at a few games practice in advance. Read up on the game online to get a general idea of how to play. You can also download a poker app to play a few practice games for free on your phone or tablet.

It’s also encouraging to know all the dealers at a casino party want to help you learn how to play! They are very knowledgeable and don’t mind taking the time to explain the rules and letting you watch a few hands to get the general gist. Unlike the real casinos in Las Vegas, other players are also very patient and helpful.

At the party, if you still don’t feel 100% comfortable, spectate for a little while. This will give you a good idea of the pace of play, the betting procedures and which games look the most interesting to you.

Brush Up on the Betting Options

You may be playing with real poker chips, but at casino parties you usually don’t cash them in. In most cases, it’s against the law to organize poker games for cash. That’s certainly the case in Texas where gambling laws and regulations forbid making wagers on poker games.

However, there is one opportunity for real money buy-ins - poker tournaments for charity are typically allowed. The players buy-in to play for prizes and the money goes to the charity that organizes the tournament.

If the host didn’t include information on the night’s events in the invite, ask if there will be any games with real money buy-ins. The host may also choose to award prizes based on who earns the most chips playing throughout the night. We also regularly hold raffles and auctions at our casino party fundraisers and corporate events.

Beyond actual buy-ins, every casino game has a particular betting structure. Here’s a basic overview:

  • Slots - Slot machines are pretty simple and straightforward with betting. The biggest variable is that some machines allow you to choose how many paylines you want to play, which increases the bet but also the possibility of winning.

  • Black Jack - Black Jack usually has a minimum bet that needs to be placed before any cards are dealt. If a player is dealt a pair they can split the cards and then bet on each one essentially doubling their original bet. You can also double down. This means after the first two cards are dealt a player can double their bet but they can only get one additional card.

  • 5-Card/7-Card Draw - The most common method is ante betting. All the players put in a bet (ante) before the cards are dealt. After all the players are dealt their cards there’s the first round of betting, checking or folding. After all of the remaining players draw there’s a second round of betting.

  • 5-Card/7-Card Stud - The game starts with all the players paying the ante. Then each player is dealt one card down and one card up. There’s a round of betting after this. Next the remaining players are dealt a card face up followed by a round of betting. This continues until all the cards are dealt.

  • Texas Hold’em - This popular poker game has a more involved betting system. First the two players to the left of the dealer pay blind bets before the cards are dealt. The player to the dealer’s immediate left pays the small blind and the next player pays the big blind (double the small blind). There’s also pre-flop, flop, turn and river bets.

  • Roulette - Betting in roulette is as simple as making a wager that the ball will land on a black or red space. You can also place a bet for the ball to land on a specific number.

  • Craps - This is probably the most complex betting structure of all the casino games. This article from Wizard of Odds does a good job of explaining bets in craps.

Planning a casino party in Austin? The team at Casino Knights Inc. has the experience, professionals and games you need to throw an epic party. Give us a call today to learn about our party packages!

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