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4 Foolproof Ideas for Throwing a Dazzling Decade Birthday Bash

Milestone birthday coming up? We’ll show you how to plan an unforgettable party, hassle-free!

4 Foolproof Ideas

Got a friend or relative celebrating 40, 50, 60 or more years? Make the birthday boy or girl feel like royalty with a Vegas Night surprise party! There’s nothing quite like finding out your friends and family have been keeping secrets, all to ensure that you feel special on your day.


To kick things up a notch, you’ll want to plan the kind of party that has every guest engaged, not just the birthday honoree. At Casino Knights, the leader in fun in the Austin area, we’ve got just what you need to throw an unforgettable bash and make party planning quick and hassle-free.



We know there’s nothing more nerve-wrecking than trying to keep the surprise party a surprise. Not to worry! We will walk through every step of your party plan alongside you to ensure your guest is taken aback by their Casino surprise. We’ll hide our vehicles and duck and cover for the surprise, just like any other party guests. Tell us your vision, and leave the worrying to us!



What feels more like royalty than walking into your own surprise party with a dazzling showgirl on each arm? Casino Knights can provide highly-trained, stunning showgirls to up the ante at your next party!



No doubt it’s all about the birthday girl or boy, but you’ll want your guests to have blast, too! Catch their attention and fire them up with an array of Casino games, from Blackjack, Roulette and Craps, to Poker. We’ll help you decide which games are for your soirée, based on the number of guests and length of the party. And while you’re at it, why not add in a personal touch with party favors? Provide personalized decks of cards, poker chips, casino-themed treats or photo strips. Don’t just send your guests away with a memory, give them a tangible reminder!



There are so many nuances to ensuring your guests are having a great time all evening long. From food, to entertainment, to cake, party planning can be downright stressful. Take a deep breath. Now let it out, and repeat after me: Casino Knights has it handled. We’ve done this a thousand times. We know exactly what you need for your guests, location, theme and more. Plan with us, and we assure that you’ll be having just as much fun as your guests!


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