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5 Quick & Easy Tips for a Perfect Casino Party

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Casino parties are a great way to get all of your guests fired up, whether they’re lifelong friends, haven’t seen each other in 10 years or are altogether unfamiliar. Nothing bonds a group of friends, acquaintances or strangers quite like the thrill of winning! Skip the small talk and roll straight into fun!

Here’s the deal: You’re invited to a Casino Night! ß See what we did there? Set the tone for a fabulous Las Vegas evening with a Casino-themed invitation. Design it yourself or order online, but whatever you do, set the party up right!


From clean and simple, to all decked out, spice up the party with themed décor! A Vegas-style photo booth can add a great touch to your décor and give your guests another reason to smile (keep reading for more on this). Take old decks of cards and string them together for Casino-themed streamers. Take boxes and wrap them in white paper and add black dots to make giant dice. For table centerpieces, consider filling martini glasses with dice and placing a fanned-out hand of cards in the dice. The possibilities are endless!


Keep it light and simple. You’ll want your guests to get social and enjoy their food and drink, but you don’t want a smorgasbord distracting from your main attractions—the reason for the party (birthday honoree, fundraiser, etc.) and the casino games. Finger foods on toothpicks are perfect—you won’t want greasy fingers on cards and Casino chips. If you’ve got the time, make your food double as décor. Take a cheeseball, mold it into a square, and arrange halved black olives to make it look like a die. Slice brownies into small rectangles and paint dots onto them with white icing. Get creative!


Blackjack? Craps? Roulette? Texas Hold ’Em? Slot machines? Horse races? Casino Knights has got you covered! With more than 30 years of experience under our belt, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will work with you to decide exactly what you need to make your event a success. One of the biggest mistakes we see is a lack of space. Guests aren’t going to be happy if they don’t have room to move around and mingle. Let us work with you to plan the perfect Vegas Night!


We’ve said this one before, but we’ll say it again: Don’t just leave your guests with a memory, give them a tangible reminder. Got room in the budget for a photo booth? Great! Send your guests home with strips of photos of them posing with friends. Got a tight budget? No problem! Make your own by hanging a curtain or picture frame and setting up props. You can even get personal with customized poker chips or decks of cards. Need more inspiration? We’ve got plenty for you here.

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